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Hot Dog Roller AK/10-R7 F

Hot Dog Roller AK/10-R7 F

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The Hot-Dog Roller AK/10-R7 is very easy to use as it is inclined offering a better presentation of the sausages being cooked.



Introducing our new Roller AK/10-R7 F.

With a new flat design, with 7 stainless steel rotating rods with a total output of 1.555W of two sets (4 + 3) which are controlled separately, for energy saving and for roasting different products.

A polycarbonate removable cover, suitable for high temperatures, comes to frame the appliance and protect the products we prepare.

Other important features worth adding are the metal bushings for greater tolerance to high temperatures, the removable stainless steel oil collector and the quiet ventilated motor.



  • Model:
    AK/10-R7 F
  • RPM:
    4,5 RPM
  • Volts:
  • Engine Power:
    1540W + MOTOR POWER 15W
  • Net weight:
    13,260 kg
  • Gross Weight:
    14,540 Kg
  • Dimensions:
    L:530 W:330 H:230 (mm)
  • Maximum capacity:
  • Net Capacity:

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Environmentally friendly

With the two thermostat set we achieve the independent operation of three or four bars, making the product more economical and environmentally friendly.

Functionality and ergonomics

Ovens Φ25mm, 210mm long with the ability to bake buns.

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category details photo 1

High strength rods

Stainless steel rotating rods with metal bushings for greater resistance to high temperatures.

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